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Vinod Narayan (പഹയൻ)

I graduated in Electrical & Electronics from REC Calicut, (now National Institute of Technology. My entire career has been spend in the Tech space working in India, Middle East, UK and for the past 20+ years I live in Silicon Valley, in the San Francisco Bay Area…

Pahayan (പഹയൻ) is a pseudonym I took up in 2015 to make videos. It was initially Ballatha Pahayan (which still continues in some quarters) I made it short with Pahayan… And then it went on to become Pahayan Media when I figured that was a name I could get my own handle on all social media and my activities involved podcasts and videos and blogs and more…

Well Pahayan is not the only pseudonym I have… since early 2000s I have used the pseudonym Marthyan (മർത്ത്യൻ) that I used more as a pen name to blog.. That blog still continues.. but I use that for my literary escapades for my poems and short stories…

This website is everything that Pahayan Media does… a central space to bring all my Podcasts, Videos and Writings. Articles here would be mostly stuff that I probably write on my Social Media.. responses to what I see around me.. or reactions more than responses.

Here is how my current content spectrum in Malayalam looks like… I do regular video on my YouTube channel that is aimed at educational video. That is not where I started but that is where I have reached now.. these include micro courses, short talks, book reviews and even movie reviews of non Malayalam Movies. I decided to not do Malayalam Movie reviews a while back.

I also do a weekly podcast… The Pahayan Media Malayalam Podcast… this was a daily podcast for a long time and now due to time constraints made it weekly..

I do most of my English content under the banner Penpositive. Check those Social Links also here…

Thanks for visiting… 😘

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