Ep 230 to Ep 260

I have not posted a single post on the blog for last thirty days. Have been continuously been posting. The new format is going steady. I also started making the Professional Development and Personal Development Podcasts on Video as well and it is available on the YouTube Channel.

I did experiment story and poetry episodes, but for some reason I did not enjoy making them. Sometimes you have don’t get that thrill. I also have been debating if I need to put a link on here every episode. But that seems to be too much of effort.

May be it is time to get some external help.

Sharing one of the recent Episode.

Here is the Video Podcast as well

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  1. Hi Vinod etta,

    I have been reading your blogs and hearing your podcasts for a while now. I gives me information and helps me to undrrstand better about many things in life. Though I’m not regular in journaling but I’m trying to do it as regular as possible.
    Keep inspiring. Stay safe and healthy.

    Thank you.

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